Resulting from a Commission meeting on April 13, 2006, the Livestock and Poultry Commission has taken action to recognize all EIA test forms from other states that are considered as "official test forms" from those respective states. The federal form VS 10-11 is the nationally recognized EIA test form for all states.


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Richard Jackson
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After hours call (501) 907-2400 and leave a voice message. We will return your call promptly the next working day.

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Northeast Area Brent Weaver (870) 878-1322
North West Area John Andrews (501) 246-1309
Central Area Dan Huie (501) 253-0883
East Central Area/EIA Educational Compliance Instructor Larry Pilkington (870) 718-3852
Southwest Area Larry Jones (870) 918-7167
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EIA Coordinator Ray Barker (870) 834-0225
EIA Educational Compliance Instructor Lewis Wray (501) 837-5978